Always Ask for the Best!
"What makes Mr. Elenkov exceptional is not only
his professional credentials and coveted certificates,
but his intelligent and human approach to the
clients. When you contact him regarding financial
advice, he makes a comprehensive and educated
analysis and helps you make the choice with your
best interest in mind. Tchavdar possesses a superb
ability to explain and simplify complicated concepts
and financial products, thus enabling full
comprehension from those unfamiliar with
abbreviations and special terminology.
His counsel is analytical, taking in consideration the
health of your financial estate in both short and
long term perspectives. He is addressing your real
needs and reflects them promptly without attempts
to sell you more than you require. He is a thinker
who is able to understand your request quickly and
give you clear and concise answers. We have been
using Mr. Elenkov’s services for more than six years
and receiving responses and guidance regardless of
the measure of our financial problems.

Signed by: Ekaterina and Stefan"
"Tchavdar (Charles) Elenkov is a very honest financial advisor, of which is
rare nowadays. He always thinks in a way like he's your family member, not
just about how much money you could make from an investment but how
much risk that a family could endure. Charles is very experienced and always
drives in details, keeps good communication with his clients. If you don't buy
bullshit and really want a reliable financial service man, please consider

I met Tchavdar Elenkov, via a referral from a friend, for a discussion about our
family financial planning. I was very impressed with his professionalism. He
spent several hours discussing various financial products and provided us with
solid information about insurances, mortgages and investment options. His
trademark down to earth style makes it very easy to discuss and navigate
through complex and overwhelming financial problems. Ever since, we keep
expanding our family portfolio of services with him.
Tchavdar is highly punctual and accurate – his paperwork is impeccable, his
timing - notorious. I appreciate his weekly info-mailings as they are a distilled
source of valuable financial information and a time-saver!
Based upon my firsthand experience I would highly recommend Tchavdar as a
financial planner for you, your family or your organization.

Stefka Yancheva"
"I just want you to know that my financial advisor Charlеs is a very honest
person, I trust him very much.  I appreciate his hard work.

Rozina Yaqub"
"My wife and I are using Tchavdar's services for our RRSP investments since
He also helped us discover the Health Spending Account, which, I believe, is
an ideal tool for a self employed person to finance his health expenses.
All our travel insurances and those of the other family members we also do
through Tchavdar.
Tchavdar has earned our trust and for everything, we need, that seems to be a
subject of his work, we turn to him. He is always ready to comprehensively
answer our questions and to help choose the best solution for us. We think, we
were lucky to come across him.

Kroum Stamenkov"
"Tchavdar is an extraordinary professional. He is patient, honest, open and
dedicated to his clients. He will work tirelessly to understand his clients'
financial goals and provide the best solutions for achieving them. I'm really
happy I met him and I'm having the chance to use his services. I'll continue to
refer Tchavdar to all my fiends as a financial planner and adviser.

"I have known Mr. Tchavdar Elenkov since the past few years. The first thing
that struck me when we initially met was his outstanding punctuality,
professionalism and knowledge of the economic market. Since our family’s
income is above the average, over the years we had many “financial
consultants” offering to us their services. It happened, a few times we trusted
people who didn’t have the necessary experience and credentialing. The result
was that instead of making money, we lost a couple of thousand dollars. The
experience working with Mr. Elenkov is completely different: we always
received the right advice and the best investment. At present, we work
exclusively with him and I would recommend him to anyone without any

E. Blagoeva, Registered Physiotherapist"
"I have wonderful experience with you. One stop service and get everything
what I need from financial perspective.
Wish you success and continue to work with for my future financial needs.

- Best wishes, Sharif"
"When I need a financial advice or just help, I know I can rely on Mr.
Tchavdar Elenkov. For me, since I know him, he is embodiment of
professionalism, honesty, erudition, humanity, stability and quality, values
which are hard to find in nowadays.

Miroslav Eremiev,
A client and friend"
"Tchavdar was recommended to me by a family friend and ever since I have
relied on his services for any financial matters in my family. He has helped me
and my husband with setting up RRSP's, Insurance polices, and variety of
other financial advices. In addition, Tchavdar created a relationship with my
family and now my two sons also refer to him for his professional opinion.
Tchavdar has always shown an incredible level of professionalism, kindness
and respect to me and my family. I would not hesitate to recommend Tchavdar
to anyone.

Best Regards,
Rumyana Petkova
(416) 207-0480"
"Tchavdar is my financial advisor for over 10 years now. Great person and a
professional in his job. I recommend his service to anyone, because he is
honest and always ready with useful answer and ready to help.

Anton Apostolov- musician"
"It is a pleasure working with Tchavdar Elenkov. He is competent, always
punctual and ready to help. He does his research and gives you the best
solution for your specific case. I can recommended Tchavdar to everyone
because he is a professional.

Vladislav Yanchev"
"Mr. Elenkov has helped me to identify my personal insurance needs and has
provided a plan that met my current requirements at a reasonable price. He
also explained other options that were available to me in a language I could
easily understand and made the whole process simple to complete. His services
were invaluable to my family and myself.

Mr. Fatih Tinaz"
"I appreciate Tchavdar's advices and especially how quickly and accurately he
deals with health insurances. His ability to present various financial products
helped me to make long-term decisions easy and quickly.

Kiril Penkov"
“Tchavdar is a true professional. Extremely knowledgeable about finances and
insurance, his advice is nothing but the best. Pleasure to work with and I do
recommend him to all my clients for insurance and all other financial matters.

Zee Zdravko Dimov"
"Mr. Elenkov is a rare professional to find these days. It is always a pleasure to
converse with him because he shares his intelligent insight not only in
economics and banking but all spheres of life.
He addresses my concerns with care and honesty, helping me make the right
decisions thus establishing trust in his abilities and knowledge.
His punctuality is legendary which speaks a lot on its own.
I am very much satisfied with his financial services and will continue using
them in the future. You should too.

Best regards,
Zhane Dimitrovski"
"The key to receiving and using good investment advice is working with
Charles for more than 10 years. Always when we need financial advice or
require a change of our insurance policies, he is there, covering and explaining
all options and advising on the most appropriate solutions for our needs.
Professional and knowledgeable at all times, as well as very personable, he
provides a thorough and critical financial analysis with practical
recommendations. Whenever, we had questions or were unclear on an issue he
was patient and accommodating. He also followed up reliably and punctually.
When working with Charles you can be confident you have unbiased, fair and
honest information to deal with in making your own decisions now and in the
future. I would recommend him without reservation.

"Every human being has two things to worry about: his/her physical and
financial health, the rest will come eventually. Therefore it is very important to
find a doctor whom you can trust and a financial advisor as well. Canada is a
country of miracles. Even though the government is trying to regulate
professional requirements for many careers, there are ways to sneak under the
bar. Unfortunately this applies to the financial field too. Newcomers are
desperate to locate any job and some switch careers and pass multiple choice
examination to acquire their license.
With our money/ insurance policies we need to ensure we are dealing with
someone who is part of a legitimate professional organization; a lawyer, a
licensed accountant, or someone holding a major financial designation.
We are proud and greatly relieved that our friend and advisor Tchavdar
Elenkov is a member of the Canadian Association of Insurance and Financial
Advisors ADVOCIS since 2002; He also holds the most recognized financial
designation - CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (since 2005); he holds as
He is licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario to sell
insurance and segregated funds investments since 2002.
He also carries a 1 million dollar per claim (maximum 2 million dollars per
year) liability insurance and can provide us with quality references.
As an outstanding member of our community and with his fluent English  
Tchavdar Elenkov built up his networking by attending numerous events and
personally visiting our homes. He goes out of his way to meet our expectations
and to give us variety of choices which enables us to make informed decisions.
He is very patient and spells out the challenging financial terminology in order
to get the message through.
When it comes to any type of insurance he is ready 24 hours with his laptop
everywhere to start and complete in seconds any insurance policy by giving us
the best rates.
Last but not least it is a pleasure to receive his Greetings for our birthdays. He
is not only a financial advisor, but a faithful friend who takes his
responsibilities to another level. Life would be much easier and less
complicated if we had more professionals like him in the service industry.

Valentina Nedyalkova, double MA, OCT Certified Teacher, and TESL Ontario
Certified ESL Instructor"
"Tchavdar earned my trust after listening and understanding our family's
financial situation and presenting me with a detailed financial plan which he
explained in easy to understand terms. His advice was for real estate financing,
life and long-term disability insurance products which he sourced  based on
our desires, giving us daily piece of mind while guaranteeing long-term
investment goals. He has stayed on top of our finances and regularly updates
me with useful information. Over the years he became a trusted friend. I would
highly recommend Tchavdar (Charles) to anyone who is looking for
non-intrusive, balanced and creative financial advice.

Vesselin (Vesco) Tzotchev, JD, LLM"
I needed clarification of my social and financial status and was highly
impressed by his comprehensive understanding and ability to explain simply,
however in details the situation.
I would like to recommend Tchavdar as a reliable and responsible expert who
can give creative professional advice in the economic field.

With my best regards,
Valentina Gaidarova"
 "I have known  Tchavdar Elenkov for several years know when I had decided
to register for an RRSP. I was impressed with his professionalism and
human approach to the subject. He has knowledge of today's economy and he
is honest, discreet and trustworthy. Now I am retiring and I am grateful to him
for helping me to make a decision that enables me to have some financial
comfort at this point in my life. I would recommend him without any second
thoughts to anyone who seeks financial advice .

                                                        Maya Kostourou"